Want help? Need motivation? Looking for guidance? The following resources can help get you to the next level in your budgeting journey.


Many of the books listed below are not specifically budgeting books, but are motivating and/or educational for those of us looking to manage our money well.

Money Management

Money-Saving Tips



Digital Budgeting Tools & Apps

Online Budgeting Apps

  • mvelopes. I (Debbie) have used this for years and it has made a huge difference in my budgeting success.
  • everydollar. A Dave Ramsey product.
  • mint.
  • YNAB. Stands for “You need a budget.”

Physical Envelope Systems, Planners, & Other Tools


Personal Finance Blogs

  • Frugalwoods. A financial independence and simple living blog by a couple who dreamed of trading their hectic Boston-based lives for simple homesteading. The blog details their journey to financial freedom, and they continue to post monthly expense reports.
  • Afford Anything. Paula Pant blogs primarily on owning and managing real estate as a method of being financially independent, but covers other topics as well. Her main idea is “You can afford anything, but not everything.” Encourages readers to determine their life goals and then manage their money to reach them. Provides income and expense reports surrounding her rental properties.
  • Rockstar Finance. A site dedicated to sharing the best personal finance blog posts from thousands of writers.
  • Money Girl. Blog of personal finance expert Laura Adams.
  • Man vs. Debt. “Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love.” Writing about topics in their tagline for nearly 10 years and encouraging others to join them on the journey.


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Blank Budgeting Forms

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